Bringing The Beauty Home



Walking through the streets of Barcelona, in the wild summer night, embraced by the taste of red wine and seducing sounds of music from the street musicians, your hand spontaneously tangled me into dancing in the middle of the crowd.

Laughing wildly, enjoying every moment, we kissed as the crowd around us applauded.

I bowed to them as a ballerina, enticed with the atmosphere and perception of bliss in the air.

Red wine called out for another glass, so we sat down in the nearby cafe, passionately looking into each other eyes.

It was that kind of night, spontaneous and wild.

As if I floated into another dimension, I prayed for this feeling to last forever.

We were kissing while walking, dancing, and laughing through this astonishing city ambience.


In the dark, the famous cathedral La Sagrada Familia was enlightened, looking almost unreal in its beauty.

We started to run, like a children, racing, for the winners prize, a kiss of love.

He reached the spot in front of Cathedral first.

Hugging in a dreamlike state, kissing like we will never kiss again, a whiff of surreal sound touched me.

He didn’t hear anything, but I was assured that something called my name. Softly, warm and pleasant voice.

I looked at the Cathedral, and her beauty looked back at me.

Hypnotized by its astonishing charisma, lightning in the dark of the night, I couldn’t look away.

Every piece of the building created into perfection was so alluring.

And yet again, my name. Heard only by me.

Ignoring his calls, I walked towards the entrance, knowing it is forbidden, it is closed so late in the night.

But, surprisingly, when I pushed the door, they opened.

Enter, I heard, so I did. Enjoy, I heard, so I did.

Fascinated by every part I could see inside, I ignored the calls from the outside.

“Want to stay with me?” asked that voice.

Mesmerized, I simply said yes. Yes, of course.

The atmosphere around me changed, as if gravity vanished, I felt like I’m floating in the unknown direction.

Like it all suddenly happened, it stopped abruptly.

The voice was gone, somehow I knew that.

Dreamlike state also vanished. The door opened by itself and the sunlight shined into the building.

Walking out, dazzled by the light, the sight slowly became recognizable.

I was standing in the middle of my hometown.

Turning around, everything seemed normal, just a plain working day on the streets.

Behind me, stood the Cathedral. with its whole beauty, shining in the daylight.

His voice called me again, and I took a step forward him, confused.

“What’s the matter, sweetie pie?”. “You look like you never have seen Sagrada Familia before.”

Not in my hometown, I thought.

“Weren’t we in Barcelona just now?”, I asked.

“Oh honey, our trip ended couple of weeks ago. You are just too tired, I will have to speak to your boss”, he said and smiled.

“But, the Cathedral….Gaudi built it in the Barcelona”, I whispered.

“I don’t know what is happening with you this morning, but my coffee break is over, so just let’s go back to the office, and talk about it later, ok? You’re just tired and confused”.

He went to work, I stayed looking at the building. For hours.

And then the awareness of simplicity and belonging embraced me.

Yes, La Sagrada Familia is here, and it belongs here. It was here before. It was built here.

Soft voice echoed in my head, confirming my thoughts.


As always, I was about to meet my darling for dinner at home.

Slow walk through the park towards home was relaxing, as the soft voice embraced me with the message: “See you soon”.

I just smiled, knowing that it is so true.