The Childhood Lost And Found



A little plush bear pushed into the corner of a dusty, grey, dark basement.

Talking to the spiders and rats, sometimes cats if they come around, but cats as cats, they usually minded their own business, and were not interested in the chit-chat.

Teddy, once called The Muffin, as he barely remembers, was someones favourite toy.

It was a girl, he recalled, with the dark hair and a funny laugh. She used to put him in the bed before sleeping, tucked him in, hug him. When she was afraid, her hug was tight and trembling. He gave her comfort. The Muffin.

Now, dusty and forgotten, all that has left was his ripped fur, one eye and some memories of a better days.

How many time has he spent in that abandoned corner? He couldn’t tell. No one was coming into the basement for ages.

At first, he felt abandoned.

Then afraid of loneliness.

At some point he got used to it. A little sunshine spark woke him up every morning. That was a thrill, knowing that outside the Sun still exists.

One day, his peace was disturbed by abrupt door opening, running steps down the stairs, and harsh male voices.

They were complaining about the amount of trash that needs to be taken away.

Muffin heard a word “selled”. The house was selled. And where is he going to end?!

The rumbling started. Piece by piece, every part of the basement was cleaned up.

All the stuff he used to look at so many years just vanished in boxes.

As same as he did. Thrown into the box, together with the broken porcelain doll, old newspapers and an old radio.

The steps carried him out into the sunlight. Blinded, he breathed the fresh air, forgotten scent of open space and a freshly mowed loan.

The truck was roaring and the boxes were literally flying into it. The guys weren’t kidding, they have cleaned up every corner in an instance.

And then, in all that noise and turbulence of sounds, he heard a voice. Known voice who once tucked him into the bed. The voice was grown now, but still, it was the same laugh, the same tone.

He could not speak or move, but he wanted so desperately just to see her again.

One of the workers started arguing. The other was shouting at loud. Soon, they pushed each other, starting a fight.

The box flipped over in that mess.

Porcelain doll broke apart. The radio ended up on the grass, the wind lifted the old newspapers right into the air. But the teddy stayed laying on the pavement. The Sun was directly shining into him.

The voice said through the light, stunned and delighted in the same time: ” Muffin! Oh, my little fluffy Muffin, there you are!”

And the familiar hands lifted him up into a hug never forgotten.