Terminal Time, Choosing A Lip Gloss And Becoming The Crazy Cat Lady




Have you ever thought about how much of your lifetime span have you wasted in airports, waiting for delayed departures, missed flights, due to the bad weather or volcanic outbreaks?

I have never put that number on the paper, but I assume it’s a quite a large number of days, maybe even months.

So, as my recent faith was so tremendously inclined towards me, I got stuck, because my flight was delayed for departure for full three hours.

Oh, how will my boss, awaiting me in Zürich, be delighted by that fact.

I’ve sent him a text message, and he replied, with “oh, the fuck”. Spontaneous reply, I would say, but pretty much he summed up the situation.

After I sent the message, I realized that my phone is on the verge of dying. Battery percentage 3%.

I took the iPad, battery percent 9%.

No fuck. Here comes my faith again.

What am I going to do for the next three hours?!


Firstly, I grabbed a snack.

Secondly, I took a coffee.

Thirdly…I had no idea what to do in the third place.

“Maybe some newspapers?”, I thought. Reading something from the real paper and not from the electronic device, oh, that is going to be an adventure, since I didn’t do that for a long time.


At the news stand I looked for something to read.

Newsweek, Readers Digest, New York Post, National Geographic, the array of interests and topics was really wide. I was not into anything of that kind of reading.  I wanted something mind relaxing.


So, I bought the Cosmopolitan.

Yes, the Cosmopolitan. Bring it on, laugh with me.

I haven’t read such literature since the high school, so I thought it was worth of repeating the memories.


I sat down in the waiting area.

The Cosmopolitan was in fact quite entertaining.


I did not know what are the differences between new lip glosses on the market.

There are sticky lip glosses? They are not good? Which one to buy? Shiny or with the sparkles?

Also, the right color of the blush is a big problem, crucial in fact, more important than anything else in the world.

Inventive, I must say.

The letters from the readers were annoying, so I skipped it.


Then I took a test about the relatshionships- What Kind Of A Girlfriend You Are?

The answer was as expected, A Cold Hearted Bitch. Well, at least some things never change.


The other test – Will You Marry The Man Of Your Dreams? , was a real catch.

I  tried to be honest and real answering the questions, ’cause, you never know, maybe I will finally get my answer, even if it is from the Cosmopolitan.

The answer didn’t  come as a surprise – The Crazy Cat Lady, or in the translation, sorry girl, not gonna happen’. Start collecting cats.

Now I know what I am going to do when I arrive home.

Adopt a least three cats at once.

You must start your life path in the proper way.


When the announcement for my flight came, that boarding could start, I felt somehow somber.


It looked like I’m missing really important things in life.


Besides the cats, I decided to buy the lip gloss also.

The new one. And with the sparkles.

You know, it is the best choice for my skin complexion.


Real world, here I come.


Sparkling Crazy Cat Lady is on the flight, at last!