Do I Really Deserve This? Another Reward For Tina The Mess!

Hello WP World!

And hello to you to girls and boys, hope you’re having a beautiful day or dreaming a sweet dreams.

Tina, yep, that’s me, has been nominated for another reward! Yay!

Again,I’m honoured beyond recognition and happy beyond ultimate happiness!

I have to say thank you all for following my blah-blah’s (yep, that’s maybe a new name for my blog), and liking posts and sharing your wonderful comments.

I enjoy my time here, with all of you!

And now (drums in the background),


my fellow blogger and one of my favourite bloggers in the WP universe.

You can find Cindy’s work here, and please, be delighted as I am with her work:

A Slice of Life 

Drumroll for Cindy!


Here is a cat kiss, just for you Cindy!


She has nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award!





Here it goes, the rules for this Lovely Award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post. (I did, but once again, thank you Cindy!)
2. Share 7 things about yourself. (please, scroll down)
3. Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire. (also,please scroll down)
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know. (almost done!)


The 7 things about me:

1. An enthusiast. Complete. Disregarding my Borderline Personality Disorder, I’m really an enthusiast and an altruist. Working as an RN in the ICU, volunteering in the cat shelter and also in the couple of humanitarian organisations as well.

2. Raising a wonderful ten years old boy / guy, by myself, who has a vivid imagination which always surprises me and people who get to know him. I use to say that he is a real “mum’s son”!

3. Our family tends to purrr a lot. We are only two humans in the house, owned by the three wonderful cats! All of them adopted, raised and not completely well-behaved, but we tolerate them a lot of cat’s behaviour,unless it involves dragging a slice of pizza on my laptop. That’s not acceptable, LOL.

4. I write since I know how to hold the pen. I think that almost all of my writing should go under the blah-blah’s section since I just let the words flow as they wish. Sometimes it turns out quite alright, once I read it!

5. Sports cars! I love them, I adore them, I drive one. I was raised in the world of cars. It just entered my mindset and my bloodstream. I really cannot imagine myself not reading the cars magazine and the engine specifications. The colour of my nail polish is black, so I tend to think of myself as just another ordinary woman / girl.

6. Trying to blend in everything into 24 hours schedule is pretty rough. When I was young I was training, hardly, the synchronized swimming, for ten years almost. Water is my element! Submerge me and I’m in my zen place! Recently, I had found myself in the world of Nanbudo and Krav Maga, the quite different martial arts. The Krav Maga will prevail in the end, as it seems.

7. And the seventh fact is :  I am a natural redhead full of freckles. With a natural curly red hair. Which I hated until I was older, and I realised that I‘m endangered species, because I have read that redhead are slowly disappearing from the human population. Please,treat me gently, LOL.


And now, comes the part where I have to choose the 15 blogs and nominate them! Ouch! Why only 15?! I love so many blogs here, and it’s a very hard choice to make!

1.  Man Of Many Thoughts –

2.  Angloswiss

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4.  Raja Rozela (Raroto)

5.  The Wandering Poet –

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14. Kate –

15. Amy Gamble –


So, here they are, my chosen ones, in no particular order AND THE COLORS OF THE BLOG LINKS ARE JUST RANDOMLY CHOSEN ALSO!

Once again, thank you all for following and clicking here on the Tina The Mess place!

Enjoy our ride through the WP universe!

Yours truly, Tina!