Protracted withdrawal from SSRIs and SNRIs antidepressants

So true. The psych doctors are probably the only ones who knows anything about the withdrawal syndrome, cold turkey, tapering your drugs or the worst thing- prolonged withdrawal syndrome. Please read.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

This post is written by Alto Strata, a woman who has studied her condition and those of her peers in withdrawal groups online for years now. If you’d like to contactAlto Strata or follow the work she does you can find her on Facebook page here. You can also findsupport for your own antidepressant withdrawal in the withdrawal forum Alto runs here (

By Alto Strata — first posted on her Facebook page

My intention is to gather people who have suffered difficulty withdrawing from antidepressants and form a movement to challenge psychiatry on its denial of withdrawal syndrome and its overuse of psychiatric medications.

Friend me or see my Surviving Antidepressants Facebook page for the Web site.

I am a psychiatric survivor myself. I have had antidepressant withdrawal syndrome since October 2004.

Medicine is in wide denial about the existence and severity of antidepressant withdrawal syndrome…

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