Unknown angels

Wonderful. It reflects my thinking and my own thoughts. Really worth reading. 🙂


mJDlLtpjxKWe meet people every day. Many times we meet new people. We talk to them, work with them, sometimes hang out together with the same group of friends. We meet new people just once in our lifetime, or they become a part of our social landscape sooner or later. Some impress us, others don’t. We all have our little personal and hypocritical way of judging the newcomers: by the way they look, talk, walk, smile….and so on. Even if we like them a lot we still judge them. It’s the dark side of human nature. After a while we might remember some that left a mark. She was nice, helpful, beautiful, sexy or he was cute, bold, arrogant, smart, handsome, are thoughts that appear like information on the passport near the image of someone we remember.

Let’s rewind now to the judging part! Remember how many times you really, really…

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