The Secrets That I Desire

AMAZING! Do read. Do get involved and immerse yourself in it.
I did. I lost myself yet to be found again.

S. K. Nicholas


Symbols and keys to soft machines and madness.

They deceive themselves whilst I suck on my cigarette. They chew themselves up as I remove her clothes and see just how lean she really is. I’m not a monster though, I’m just curious. The stars burn behind my eyes, have done for years. The outer rims of distant galaxies, whispering to me through wormholes so pure and beautiful. Blowing smoke into her face, she coughs but I’m not interested. Nothing really bothers me. She’s cute, but the sides of my chest hurt. Beer will make it better, it has to. Taking hold of a pair of scissors, I cut her hair. It looks good, but there’s something not quite right. My hands are shaking, and all she does is laugh. Lizards are crawling up the wall. They’re at my feet, sticking their tongues out. Everyone hates me. They always do their…

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