My Superhero In The Clouds

The Phone


You were the one who taught me what a car is.

You taught me how to disassemble it completely

And assemble it again wholly.


You brought my passion for driving into the life

Bringing the speed, and the gasoline into my blood.


You cherished every moment we spent,

Even if you said some harsh words ’cause I climbed the apple tree so high,

I know you really never meant it.


I loved your hands covered in motor oil,

And your heart full of compassion and tearful joy.


I took care of your cats when you were ill,

Making them happy until you return and put them loose to do what they want, on their free will.


I followed you through all my life

As I did through your last days.


Spending days and nights by your hospital bed,

Watching you sleep, and kissing your cheeks.


You were so happy to hold my hand,

With the last strength that you had,

And smile back at me with love at the end.


Every day I remember you and your words.

You were my grandpa, my loving bliss.


May you rest in peace.

Until we meet again, don’t worry, I handle my car pretty well.



3 thoughts on “My Superhero In The Clouds

  1. Robert Jepson June 17, 2014 / 6:39 PM

    Hi Tina, thanks for the ‘like’ on my post and for following me. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of your writing so far, very original.I’m looking forward to future updates 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tina The Mess June 17, 2014 / 6:46 PM

      Hi Robert!
      Thank you for the compliments! 🙂

      I am glad that you like my blog, and I hope that the future updates wouldn’t disappoint you. 🙂

      I followed your blog because I liked it very much! 😀

      Thanks again! 😀


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