Can Borderlines love?

Can Borderlines love, that’s the question.

Well, let me tell you something. When we love, we LOVE so intense, that if you could feel it, you will be not capable to endure it.

That’s it. We are full of emotions, but on a scale of intensity, our scale is breaking the roof.

Beautifully Borderline

I’m really hurt by this. I read often that people (without BPD) believe that borderlines are incapable of loving another human being. I find this to be completely inaccurate. I think we need to look at the definition of love which refers (per Webster) to the intense affectionate type feeling that you feel for someone.

If BPD is known for intense emotions that cover the entire span of emotions, who’s to say that the feeling of love is not included?

If you want to get biblical, the definition of love is actually a list of qualities or actions, all of which borderlines are very capable of. Yes, we exhibit a variety of behavior that go against these things at times, but so does everyone else at some point or another. We are no different than any other human being. We are just like them, but more so. We experience what they experience…

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One thought on “Can Borderlines love?

  1. pepeshrimp June 15, 2014 / 3:50 PM

    I am always hurt by reading on certain forums. People stating that “borderliners” (i really don’t like referring to anyone like this) can’t love. That everything is mirrored. That they actually only feel a need etc.

    They do nothing else than “painting black,” and all the other “traits” themselves.

    BS. Nobody can mirror, fake, i.e. thoughtfulness. I’ve never had anyone tell and write me such thoughtful things as Bee. And nobody ever will.
    It wasn’t fake. Just as nobody could fake being witty, or many other things.

    I miss her.

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