Q: Who would you be, without your BPD?

Extremly interesting post!

Read it if you have BPD, and if you want to know what an EMOPHANE  is.

By the way, I meet all the criteria for an emophane. -:) I think it is good news, but still, that reminds me how I found another label of myself.

I’m a person with a lot of post-it’s on my body and mind.

Beautifully Borderline

A: An emophane


Direct link (or read below for a summary, along with my own personal commentary): http://aapel.org/bdp/BLemophaniaUS.html

Wow. I just stumbled upon this. I’ve met a few other borderlines around the internet and have noticed some similarities among us all. I think the biggest two I’ve noticed are kind-heartedness and creativity. So I started on my e-search to “the positives about having BPD”, and I found this.

This is my favorite part: “It is not because I suffer from a borderline disorder that I’m sensitive, but because I’m sensitive that I was in a population at risk to develop a BPD”.

One of the other hallmarks of having BPD, is an identity disturbance. I often do feel like BPD is who I am. Who would I be without it? What would I be like? What all aspects about me would be different, or non-existent? I guess in a sense, I…

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