Friday The 13th, The Full Moon, And The Solar Storms – Mindblowing Combination!


Did you know that today happenings are:

1. The Friday 13th,

2. The Full Moon and appearance of the

3. Powerful solar outbursts.


This combination does not sound good, even for me, the most rational person in the world.

This combination of full Moon and the freaky Friday will come again in the year 2049!

Good news come from the Yahoo news edition, quoting:

” Contrary to myth, the full moon does not affect human behavior or health.
For example, a 1985 review published in the journal Psychological Bulletin tracked hospital admissions, psychiatric disturbances, homicides and other crime over several months and found no uptick in any of those variables around the time of the full moon.”

Now I feel much more safe.

But I will still stay home. Just in case.

As for the black cats, I cannot avoid them, I have one, currently purring in my lap while I’m writing.

I consider that as a lucky sign.

Enjoy this event! And stay safe! 😀


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