We Pull The Stars From The Sky

Tremendous piece of art. Soul crushed with every word. I am speechless.

S. K. Nicholas

With everything silent and still, it’s just me, her, and a handful of ghosts.

Laying on my side, I can see there’s something so innocent about her whilst she sleeps. In the way she curls up beneath her blanket, nose twitching, eyes fluttering. And in the way she draws towards me, looking for comfort and safety whilst unknown dreams dance within her mind. The room plunged in darkness, I watch her with a sense of peace in my heart. When she’s awake, she drives me wild, quickens my pulse as easy as you like. Yet in the early hours of the morning, all she can do is make me smile. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fire between us, but when she’s quiet, it gives me a chance to absorb her beauty. If she knew this was how I felt, I’m sure I’d feel her wrath.

And there’s nothing…

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