A Little Blue Dot In A Distance – Longing For Gravity



I would go to Mars if they choose me. Why? Adventure is an adventure. And I like adventures.

Even if that means that I cannot go back, no coming home ever again, or never seeing the common stuff that you are used to.


The sunsets, the birds, the trees, the cars on the road, the blue sky and the deep ocean. And the Humans, as well.

I would never miss them.


And I would love the less gravity field on Mars, that makes moving around from walking into jumping, by making no effort at all.

That would be fun!


Ok, that’s it.

I was being sarcastic, Earth. Let’s get real now.


I have a few words for you, Earth, and I’m giving it to you at the departure.


Open the letter when I am gone for good.


“Dear Blue Little Dot, called Earth.

I would not miss you at all.

I was born as a human being, intelligent life form from Earth. That’s all what is connecting me to you. Nothing more, nothing less.

You are irrelevant, and you know that. Just a piece of sand restless rolling around  the Sun in this incessant space.


I am even more insignificant, feeling like a relic in between billions of stars and galaxies that surround me now in this perpetual vacuum.

Do you even know how big the space is? You don’t.

You’re just reeling around the Sun, in the predetermined orbit, always looking at the same spot in the infinity, not able to move or to change your path.

You are just a dustone blow and you are gone, Dot.

Now that I am loosing you from my sight, you look even paler.  

Have I offended you?!

Sorry, I thought you knew what you really are.

I’ll say goodbye now.

Good luck to you and your dwellers. To the so called “civilization” that developed on your surface that I will never miss.

As grime vanishes in the wind, so are you now, vanishing in my point of view.

And we both now one thing.

We are not important.

Nothing is relevant in this space, universe, whatever you want to call it.

Meaningful is what lies beyond. 

What is concealed for both of us.

Now, I have to leave you for good. Stay on your path. 

I will make my own path, trying to find what is really  fundamental here in this perpetual raven.

Consumed by the immensity of the ambience that surrounds me

I’m gone.”



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